waterjet cutting feed rates calculator

Milling Aluminum

I have been using Destiny Tool. They have are some serious material removers. They very free cutting allowing for high feed rates and a very good selection for long and relieved are very good as well. I would recommend giving them a try. I use them in 2024, 6061 ...

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The Forklift1 Users Guide Amazing!

For Warehouse & Factory Managers. Forklift Users Guide. Never seen anything like it! Loaded with valuable information I will use in my business every day. OSHA Forklift Operator Online Written Test. Take Written Test Online. Get results with explanations and ...

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A decent speed and feed chart

hello all i want to ask a question to some ppl that will be able to answer this question once and for all. does anyone know of a good reference guide or chart for speed and feed rates based on tooling and material??? also i wanted to know what everyone uses for this ...

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DFMA = Design for Assembly + Manufacturing [ 33 Tips, Video, PDF ]

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly from Cutting Tool Engineering on Vimeo. Critical Insight: Save Costs at Design Time The biggest insight of the DFMA process is that most of the available cost savings are at Design Time. It's not hard to understand why ...

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